This photo series has been the scariest set of photos I’ve ever taken of myself. I need to tell a story.

Beauty is not a simple concept. I’ve always tried to see the beauty in everything and everyone, but this was never possible for myself. As a child, I grew up - like many other children - thinking that I was not good enough, that I was not beautiful. I think back to the little girl I was and I want to hold her hand tight and tell her it would be okay, to tell her that she was wonderful.

However, I cannot go back in time. So I need to look at myself now. I need to express how I feel about who I am. I need to be honest with myself, and I need to give myself a fair shot at being loved.

These photos target the struggle of what I find beautiful and what I find crippling in myself. The parts of my body that make me want to never leave my house are the parts I’m showing you today. The parts of my body that make me feel lovely are the parts I’m showing you today. I want to take these parts and learn to love them all. I want to inspire others to do the same. Tell your story. Embrace yourself like you embrace others. You deserve it.

June  27 44 ♡
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